Social Media

During our DATA meeting Social Media was brought up. I thought as your DATA president I would just speak briefly on how vulnerable a teacher who uses social media such as personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be. Like it or not teachers are held to a higher standard. Putting yourself out there and expressing yourself can get you in hot water if you’re not careful.

1.      Don’t Post Inappropriate Activities.

2.      Don’t Diss your Students, Teacher, District or Faculty or Staff

3.      Keep Confidential Information Confidential

4.      Utilize Privacy Settings

A couple rules I follow in regards to social media: if I wouldn’t say to the person directly, I don’t post it on the “interweb”. I also try to make sure my posts promote the arts and speak on the positives. You never know who is reading your posts. No matter how private you think they are.

Good Afternoon!
We are in need of volunteers this Monday, 8/26/13 from 2-7!
We are in need of a group (6 ppl) to help set up for an upcoming event, Hunger & Resilience.
Location: Independent Square, Main Lobby 1 Independent Dr Jacksonville, FL 32202       
Second Harvest North Florida will present Hunger & Resilience, an impactful photo and audio installation that additionally is a traveling exhibition. The powerful month long event is by Michael Nye. Read More.  
If a group or an individual is able to volunteer,  sign up here!
Have a great day and we hope to see you Monday!

We work in an amazing profession that allows for a fresh start every 12 months. Not many jobs can boast that perk. I hope all of you have come back to work refreshed and inspired to do amazing things with some of the best students in the country. I am excited about the opportunities this year will bring us. We are under a new leadership and are blessed with having a full time art teacher in every elementary school. I hope each and everyone of you have the bet of luck this year.



Check out the FAEA site about this year’s conference. Dates are Oct 10-13, Location in Daytona Beach. I was down there last week and the hotel rooms will be ocean front view. Great location, great views.

What a great conference! The conference was full of opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with art educators from all around Florida. St. Petersburg is a great venue full of inspiring art museums and culture. A big round of thanks goes out to the people planning the conference, they did a great job again this year. They even unveiled a new logo. 


Next year the FAEA conference will be in Daytona Beach October 10th – 13th. I have already put it in my calendar and I can hardly wait. I would like to see more Duval teachers as presenters. We always have a big number of teachers representing us in attendance, but I think it would be great if we could get more teachers to share some of their great ideas by hosting some of the workshops. Our county is full of talented teachers. I’m starting to think about what I can do for a presentation.


The best thing about conference is that it gives me a ton of ideas to use in the classroom. If you’re like me, some lesson ideas get a little stale and you need something to inspire you to teach in a different way. I’m ready to get back into my art room and start implementing some of the ideas I learned from conference.


Daytona is a lot closer to Jacksonville so please start planning to attend. It is a resource I would like to see all of our DATA members take advantage of.


Are you excited for planning day? I certainly am. I look forward to planning daysImage because it is the only time I get to see all the elementary art teachers in one place. The only thing better is when I get to see all the art teachers during pre planning. 

Friday we will have our meeting at Museum of Contemporary Art/Jacksonville. We are grateful to Allison Galloway and the staff of the museum for allowing us to use their space. I talked to Allison today and she said she would give us a tour of the museum’s exhibits following our morning session. 

If you haven’t already signed up on the Schultz Center website, do it now. I hope to see all my Elementary Art Educator Friends Friday morning! 


Tony Sznakowski