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Call for DATA Volunteers

This year we have decided to sell woven soaps at the FAEA Conference as a fundraiser. The proceeds will go towards our Leslie Beddard Scholarship Fund.

What we need from you? We need manpower. We are going to meet at Wolfson High School with Trish Beach on Wednesday at 3:30 to make as many bars of soap as possible.

As well as your manpower, we are asking for kind donations if you happen to have the stuff laying around the house.

bubble wrap or bamboo-type placemats
old towels
knee-hi stockings
wool roving (probably a long shot)
plastic dish basins
bars of soap- a variety of sizes

I know you are all very busy, but please keep in mind that we need to raise money to continue to support our scholarship program. We prioritize our scholarship recipients based on their willingness to volunteer and support our association.

Thank You for all your help. I hope everyone gets a chance to attend conference this year. It’s guaranteed to be a fun learning experience for us all.


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What a great conference! The conference was full of opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with art educators from all around Florida. St. Petersburg is a great venue full of inspiring art museums and culture. A big round of thanks goes out to the people planning the conference, they did a great job again this year. They even unveiled a new logo. 


Next year the FAEA conference will be in Daytona Beach October 10th – 13th. I have already put it in my calendar and I can hardly wait. I would like to see more Duval teachers as presenters. We always have a big number of teachers representing us in attendance, but I think it would be great if we could get more teachers to share some of their great ideas by hosting some of the workshops. Our county is full of talented teachers. I’m starting to think about what I can do for a presentation.


The best thing about conference is that it gives me a ton of ideas to use in the classroom. If you’re like me, some lesson ideas get a little stale and you need something to inspire you to teach in a different way. I’m ready to get back into my art room and start implementing some of the ideas I learned from conference.


Daytona is a lot closer to Jacksonville so please start planning to attend. It is a resource I would like to see all of our DATA members take advantage of.

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